Srishti helped me take off heavy load of pain and guided me towards healing and empowerment

I am eternally grateful to Srishti Wilhelm for helping me. I was fighting with circumstances everyday and felt as if I was being chased by mad dogs. I was unable to manage my life and I would get stressed at every problem. Then I received help from Srishti Wilhelm and during our Eutaptics sessions she guided me to see the pattern of my troubles. She held my hand and pulled me out of the clutches of darkness of the past.
Past is a scary place, if we visit without proper help. For this, I highly recommend Srishti Wilhelm to especially those who are victims of emotional abuse and trauma. Srishti is very kind and thoroughly professional; somebody we can trust. I am able to breathe stress-free and realize the pattern of my weaknesses leading to same kind of problems. Now, I feel confident and feel in control and I am healing everyday. Its a journey and I feel I can manage my life better. Thank you Srishti, for helping me take off heavy burden of pain which was making it difficult for me to move ahead in life. Thank you for empowering me and filling me with feeling of confidence and self worth. I am smiling while writing this, thank you for helping me smile again.

I am a Finance professional and a mother.

Hi there!I would recommend Srishti

Hi there!
I would recommend Srishti because of her ease and calmness throughout the session! She keeps her eyes on the goal and allows You to transform from pain, shame, tension to confidence empowerment and calmness! Whatever You want in life can be achieved and Srishti helps make your dreams come true!
Im especially grateful for the session we have done! 🙏

Tzurty Friedman

Wow. What an awesome session

I have been doing sessions with Srishti for quite a while now and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She expertly guided me through the session yesterday, picking up on subtle ques and links which lead to massive shifts for me. I feel so much lighter, joyful and happier since my session with Srishti and I am so looking forward to the next one!

I am an Art teacher working in a High School in Ireland

Felt Safe, Understood, Respected and Cared for

Working with Srishti has been an honor and a true pleasure. My challenge was linked to a physical condition that I wasn’t able to heal over years of inner work and medical treatment. Going through the sessions with her felt to me as if she came and grabbed my hand through a scary, painful process where I was guided to change something that was no longer productive for my life. I felt safe, understood, respected and cared for. The results came in the form of me letting go of some family trauma that brought fright and shame. Srishti definitely has a place in the world of healers! Thank You, Srishti! <3

Ayla Ingrid

Creativity and Humor

Srishti is such good Practioner.  I have had the pleasure of having a session with her.  She is very well educated in the Faster EFT processes.  Your creativity and humor was definitely instrumental in my changes.  I love how you are so patient and are ready with my permission to really drill down to discover what the root cause is and work from there.  I applaud you for your determination and for wanting to assist others and me in healing.

Cathy Stearns
Eutaptics Level 1

Patient and Respectful

Srishti Wilhelm is excellent practitioner. She is very patient, respectful, and give you time to think about your problem. During the sessions she is funny, intelligent, creative, hard working, and disciplined and deep love for Eutaptics. She will take you out of your pattern when you have a problem and put in safe place. She will send you an email with details for you to work on so you make the changes you desire, easily – every time. Thank you!

Amanda Cordoba
Eutaptics Level 2 Student

Attention to Detail

Srishti – – You are an amazing Practitioner! I’ve had the pleasure of working with you for several months. I your sweet nature, attention to detail and creative touch to our sessions. Thank you!

Melodie J. Calamaan
Eutaptics Level 4 Student