Srishti helped me take off heavy load of pain and guided me towards healing and empowerment

I am eternally grateful to Srishti Wilhelm for helping me. I was fighting with circumstances everyday and felt as if I was being chased by mad dogs. I was unable to manage my life and I would get stressed at every problem. Then I received help from Srishti Wilhelm and during our Eutaptics sessions she guided me to see the pattern of my troubles. She held my hand and pulled me out of the clutches of darkness of the past.
Past is a scary place, if we visit without proper help. For this, I highly recommend Srishti Wilhelm to especially those who are victims of emotional abuse and trauma. Srishti is very kind and thoroughly professional; somebody we can trust. I am able to breathe stress-free and realize the pattern of my weaknesses leading to same kind of problems. Now, I feel confident and feel in control and I am healing everyday. Its a journey and I feel I can manage my life better. Thank you Srishti, for helping me take off heavy burden of pain which was making it difficult for me to move ahead in life. Thank you for empowering me and filling me with feeling of confidence and self worth. I am smiling while writing this, thank you for helping me smile again.

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